Ever since its establishment in 1994, Lumiere Group has stood out in its understanding of light. We highlight its being one of the most essential aspects of life and capitalize on its importance as the fourth dimension of architecture: the dimension that determines perception. We recognize its emotional value for people in general for without light, we cannot see; and we fear that which we cannot see. As such, we aim at employing light as a means to convey and foreground the dominant mood of any given space.

Our knowledge and expertise in the engineering field is complemented with our passion and dedication. In all our projects, we approach light as an integral element of a work of Art: Inspiration, innovation, creativity and efficiency intermingle to produce the final outcome.

As a client-oriented group, our main mission is to tailor lighting solutions that answer to our customers’ needs. We pride ourselves with our impeccable service that is centered on continuous follow-up in order to ensure your ultimate satisfaction and visual comfort.

Our success lies in our ability to mix the technical along with the artistic to produce the ultimate lighting effect.


Our goal is to create indulging interiors with perfectly engineered light settings that are both soothing and rewarding to the eye. We strive to shed light upon prominent architecture and interiors. 


Understanding people's desires and needs is what we do best. That is why our purpose is to create a subtle fusion of ambiance, luxury and functionality - Showcasing an upgraded lifestyle, albeit while maintaining a high level of accommodation and relaxation. 


Our well-structured light setup foregrounds your statement at the very first glance and blends it with the welcoming feel of distinctive light works. Studying our fine products' every quality helps us build high-performance lighting landscapes in spite of the severe environmental conditions of the region. 


We provide the latest lighting technologies that gather high performance along with low consumption, which allows a gratifying experience for your customers and financial contentment for your business.